and sent to Hell.
Don Giovanni

Dir. by Peter Kazaras
Seattle Opera, 2011

Easter Weekend

Dir. by Timothy Watkins
Feature Length Film, 2010

Opera Singer
Untitled Dance Piece


Val Jean in Chain Gang
Les Miserables

Dir. by Kathleen Edwards
Hi-Liners, 2010

...and discovers something magical beneath the every day.
A Tiny Ship...

Dir. by Tonya Lockyer
UW - Dance, 2010

Shelley and Bat Boy
Bat Boy

Dir. by Scott Hafso
UW - Drama, 2010

Ruth and Charles
Blithe Spirit

Dir. by Scott Hafso
UW - Drama, 2009

The Ship Captian, her men and Viola wash onshore
Twelfth Night

Dir. by Richard E.T. White
UW - Drama, 2008

lear1King Lear

Paper Project

Annie and CowboysAnnie Get Your Gun

Dir. by Mo Brady
Village Theatre – Kidstage, 2008

Wild Black Eyed Susans - Univ. of Washington, 2008
Wild Black Eyed Susans

Dir. by Valerie Curtis-Newton

The Snow Queen
Kai, Gerda and the Show QueenRenderings

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